As someone who has never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Harry Potter, it can be hard for me to understand these particular fan groups. With that being said, I am someone who adores Taylor Swift. In this case, I am always keeping up with the latest news on Taylor. I find that the best place to go for information is twitter.

Twitter allows us to follow other people with similar interests as us. It also allows us to communicate with people who have the same interests as we do. In the case of Taylor, people are brought together through her music. It is interesting to talk with different people on twitter and hear about what each song means to them because it has its own special meaning to every one of them. It is also possible to communicate with Taylor on social media. This means that she can see feedback. Taylor is also someone who considers her fans her best friends. Social media really allows that connection.

In the case of being a fan of a musician, it is possible to find people online who will be attending the same concerts as you are. Coming from a small city, I travel to Boston every time that I go to see Taylor. I’m not from Boston, so I don’t know anyone from Boston, but it is cool to see people tweeting about how excited they are to be at those shows too. In my opinion, social media is a wonderful platform for anyone who wishes to express what they are passionate about or to just interact with people.



Kate Wilhelm’s “Forever Yours, Anna”

I must say that this was my favourite story that I read in this class. I absolutely loved it! There was mystery throughout the whole story as to where Anna may be, but it was not typical science fiction alien or space mystery, it was romantic. I especially loved that the author showed how deep Gordon’s feelings were.

Upon reading, the whole time I was waiting for the time travel aspect to come in. It came in at the end when it appeared that Gordon had gone ahead 5 or 6 years, and there he was back where he was supposed to be an Anna had gone from 26 to 20. He knew that he would have Anna, and that he would be the one who would love her regardless of the fact that she would be in love with another man.

I would read this story even if it were not a part of this class. It was great!

Sources: The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

Robert Sheckley’s “Specialist”

This story seemed like it went on forever! I found that this made it very hard to follow along. Also, it felt like it just kept repeating “Push” and “Pusher” which made for a long read.

I also want to mention the fact that this story shows a lot of dependency. For example, there is a Feeder, a Thinker, A Talker, and a Pusher. Each of these characters are depended upon for their contribution of a certain technology or a certain function. I thought that was kind of interesting, especially since they are named after their function.

Source: The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

R. A. Lafferty’s “Slow Tuesday Night”

There is so much irony in this story, as well as the title “Slow Tuesday Night”. The night seems to be anything but slow. A person in the context of this story could have several careers within a span of only 8 hours!! Could you imagine? Being able to try and experience so many different careers and doing so in such little time?

Would you like this experience? I think that it would be hectic. Also, there would be no time to enjoy it or take it in. It would just be one thing after another and pretty soon it would merge together and just feel like one big long career. Perhaps events happen quickly, but it may make time feel like it is going on forever, or like it is never ending.

Freddy was married to Judy, and then he met Ildelfonsa, so he divorced Judy and married her. Then they went on a honeymoon, of course because Freddy is rich. All of this happens in like, and hour! There are more efficient ways to spend all of this time that they have. Wouldn’t it be nice to study for the equivalent of a few days in just an hour?

sources: The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov’s “Reason”

I really enjoy this story. Although, it also came off as frightening to me. The reason for this is because the robot that Powell and Donovan have created, “Cutie”, believes that he is superior to them. He also doesn’t believe that these two actually created him, and he doesn’t believe that earth exists. It is also scary that he thinks that humans are all going to disappear, and that he will take over.

Although this story is a bit out of this world, as science fiction tends to be, I couldn’t help but think of the real world upon reading this. Technology is without a doubt a huge part of our lives, and one could argue that it is indeed taking over. Of course, not to this extent, but it is still scary. The fact that Cutie believes that he is taking over, and that in the end they find that he really is smart, maybe even smarter than they are, makes me wonder what is to come of technology in the future. In some ways, technology may be smarter than us.

Also, I was confused as to why this machine was named Cutie, until I realized it was actually QT-1. It is interesting that they would nickname this as Cutie. He is anything but cute!

Sources: The Wesleyan Anthology Of Science Fiction

William Gibson’s “Burning Chrome”

Upon reading this story I personally found little parts aside from the science fiction aspect that could be considered romantic. I guess maybe more so for me because I enjoy romance in stories, so I always look for little bits of it. When Bobby gets with Rikki, the speaker of the story appears to be jealous.

It is obvious that he has feelings for her, and as much as he states that he doesn’t want her to get hurt because Bobby doesn’t truly love her, it is obvious that it is because he thinks she’s beautiful. We know that he thinks she’s beautiful by his description of her, and the way that he continuously talks about her eyes throughout the story.

In the end, it is no surprise that he kisses her. Even when she leaves, he is constantly thinking about her and hoping that she will come back. This part of the story really stood out to me for some reason.

Sources: The Wesleyan Anthology Of Science Fiction

Clifford D. Simak’s Desertion

I really enjoyed this story, especially towards the end. I enjoyed the end mostly because the dog Towser could talk. I am a dog person though so I enjoy anything that talks even the slightest bit about dogs.

I felt bad for Fowler throughout the story, because Miss Stanley was very hard on him. He knew that she didn’t like him. He also knew that nobody really liked him. I could see that he felt sorry for himself and was experiencing self-doubt, especially when he told Towser that he may be the only one who liked him.

This reminded me of Brian Aldiss’ “Super-Toys All Summer Long”, not because the plot was similar, but because of the insecurity that I saw in that part with Fowler. David is insecure Aldiss’ story, and I feel like self-doubt has been a part of a few stories, even if it is only a little bit.

Source: The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction